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April 08, 2009


Paint & Ink Chick

Hey girl, how are ya!? I miss ya lots. So lov'n the inspiration of the blog:) I really wanna start making more projects.
Hugs ya!!


I love buying fairtrade products, not only are they ethically better but they usually have more personality too.
It's funny I was thinking about the shoe thing recently as well. I just took part in this thing called 'Marching into Africa' where shoes were collected to be donated to Zambia where having shoes is a luxury. It kind of reminded me what I don't need as much 'stuff' to be happy.


Thanks for the link Rhi. I was actually looking for an eco-friendly pair of shoes, but fairtrade is also a great option. You are so right with the fact that we are privileged. I repeat it to myself everyday and I just discovered a new song on the radio yesterday that talks about that. A French song about the "you have what you deserve" phrase...except that being born here or in Africa is not a choice.
Thanks for blogging about these important issues that most of people don't even think about in their daily life. Hopefully we can help in building a better world...but actually I feel pretty hopeless.

deanna thompson

I have been lusting over Toms for a while now. They will be my next shoe purchase for sure. And I am so going barefoot. are you kidding me? it's a no brainer. and also, keen makes a good environmenatlly friendly shoe. I want a pair of them as well.

and on a side note, how does one go barefoot in cold, cold england so very much? I mean at least I have sub-saharan temps to keep me toasty here.

ok. totally stealing your video link and reposting on my blog. because everyone should go barefoot.


Hooray! I love Toms shoes and I've wanted a pair for ages. I had no idea about this barefoot day so thanks for sharing - I'm going to join in!


If you get some will you let me know how you like them?

I love TOMs and have been wanting some for a while now, but I'm afraid of it being a waste of shoes if I don't like them.

Though I suppose not if a child gets a pair and I can always donate my pair as well to a charity shop....

I wasn't able to go barefoot at work that day, but I made sure to stay barefoot while at home (so lame though, since I normally am anyways).

I thought it would be fun to walk the dog barefoot but honestly I live in such a hick town anyways that no one would even notice. that was kinda rude. but true.
and I was lazy that day and had my husband walk her. eek.

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