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April 01, 2009



dogs have periods? What does that even mean. That's terrible. That's just absolutely terrible. Speechless.


Unlike Jess, I knew dogs have periods. Although, I don't really understand what you must have to do in this situation. When she has things removed, this must presumably stop?
I have a pretend tattoo on my foot! haha... we are gay/cool.


oohhh dog periods. that's always an interesting time.
and I'll be so honest, and maybe the shame will make me finally get this done. We still haven't taken our girl to get fixed and every time her period rolls around I curse reproduction.

as in brokeback mountain?
I haven't seen that in so long. the music from the end credits (like the other day my brother was watching it and I walked right in as it ended) always makes me want to cry though. I think it just reminds me how heavy and heartbreaking the movie was.

London Tierney

I had a pretend tattoo on my wrist, and then I worked up the courage to make it a real tattoo. didn't hurt too bad actually!


Your blue socks make me smile.

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