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August 21, 2009


mandie segura

i MAY JUST HAVE TO TRY IT. :) Glad to see you! (relatively, ya know!)


I think I need this!


I've been thinking about buying this one- thank you for the recommendation! :)
How are you lovely? x

deanna thompson

I will definitely look into this one. I collect cookbooks. I love them. I read them like novels. I have 2-3 faves and the rest are good too, but some I have just in case I ever need to impress someone. or myself. some are too crazy for everyday cooking, like my Julia Child's, wow. Who knew French cooking was so tedious? 2 of my favorite ones are The Barefoot Contessa by Ina Garten and Everyday Italian by Giada de Larentis. yum.


Just reserved at my library - thank you!


I am so getting this

Stephanie Howell

never heard of this, but that sounds PERFECT for our family. well, minus harper and her multitude of allergies. but still. thanks for sharing!

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