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August 17, 2009


Mandi Johnson

Gosh, you know... I've missed you.


that reminds me! we never did a together thing! let's chat soon! kiddo is back in school and i'm around. xoxo.


Great news about your brother's health! and Glad you are back here updating. :) I have a few collaboration ideas brewing--I will let you know when they come together. xoxo

Taylor G

glad you are blogging again:)
Thats great news about your brother,,


spotted that piriteze thing- hate antihistimines, but my doctor advised me to take em before bed, work out some of that drowsiness while you sleep :-)


...and i just read this post. so glad about your little (big) brother. give him a 'hi' from an ex-member of the frampton p. lot (i keep seeing Jason doorman-ing at things, its very weird).x


enjoy your holiday!
I've got pending swap projects with like three people right now and I want to make things more than anything but my mind is as dull as ... well.... insert favorite dull whatever here....

Stephanie Howell

i'm so very glad to hear this, and i'm so sorry your family is having to go through this. sending lots of love. glad to hear you will be being crafty!!

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