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October 26, 2009



You I ♥. Thanks for posting this...me and the little guy are gonna do some up and drop them off.


We do these every year at church. I think they do good things.

Hope you're doing just lovely. :)

kim whitten

I have one of these boxes in my backseat right now to fill! I am so excited about this project.


Blythswood also do a shoebox appeal. We donate a few every year, and put some through for the adults too.

Kids boxes get a Bible Storybook, teens get a diary with Bible verses and adults get a Bible calendar. It's all pretty clear on their website.

Their cut-off date is the 6th November.


welcome carpenter

thanks for sharing that information on the samaritans purse. I am absolutely going to participate this year. ps-you're awesome


While I'm not so big a fan of the pamphlet, the shoebox would win out for me too.

Clicking on the american link now.

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