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January 25, 2010



these are lovely.
are you taking them with film or just processing in photoshop? esp. love the bottom right.

Rhian Caroline

oh its aaaaall photo shop, Elise!

one extreme photo shop shot a week!


your blog is loverly. if you ever get bored and want to give my photog blog a facelift let me know and i'll give you the password and stuff :) call soon.

Kristina K

i love your 52 weeks project so far....:)
i never got the pdf. :o and were we supposed to get actions? i may be wrong about that but i thought that we were...hmmm.
wither way, let me know. :)


I bought the class and never even looked at it, because I was being all "boohoo don't have my camera and not in the mood and my clothes aren't right" blah blah nonsensical.
BUT I'm not sure I got a pdf, I'll have to doublecheck through my email.

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