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March 08, 2010



I haven't seen All About Steve but do enjoy Sandra as an actress. Based on your review, which asks a good question about who makes the rules regarding appropriateness and that clip; I'm going to go find & watch (with my eyes) All About Steve.

mandie segura

I LOVED All About Steve! I thought it was hilarious! :)

sara berry

I haven't seen it yet but will put it on my list after reading your post. Thanks Rhi.

stacey fike

sandy rocks! i thought that was a fun movie. i don't ususally go for silly movies but i thought this one was clever enough to not be considered "silly" but rather smart.
i love the way they make fun of the media, my fave part is the computer animation of her falling into the well saying "oww, oww, oww", and then the revised animation where her crudely animated figure is saying "i'm coming to save youuuuuuuu!" lol!


I love Sandra and I think you worded it all very well!!! Go you!

Rhian Caroline

aw, i hope you enjoy it now.

i fully understand people not appreciating the same films, i just dont like it when the point of a film gets missed somewhere!


Rhian Caroline

i *know* fike!

it really is clever satire!

the kids running across that picturesque field, and then the ground swallowing them up was so much of a shock, that we all sat there and couldnt do anything but laugh.


I love Sandra.
But didn't even pay any attention to this film, just by the previews and people saying it was a silly rom com. My netflix list is too long!!

But, now I'm interested in seeing this...


Just happened across you blog, scrolled down and see this! Although not put as elequantly as you, I LOVE THIS MOVIE! I've said to many people that they need to watch it, in order to understand the message: everyone is diffferent and unique in their own way. Clearly it should not take a movie to make society understand this, but on the otherhand maybe it does. Thank you.

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