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March 18, 2010


Account Deleted

I watched this video on Tuesday and read the Fatshionista article. It's really funny because my reading group in my English class was discussing feminism(we are reading Virginia Woolf) and I brought this video up.

This was my exact problem with it... I found the product placement and the blurring humorous, but the scantily clad dancing is what got me... I thought it was hypocritical and annoying.

Something really annoys me about the homicide... Not sure how to place that feeling yet though...

Anyhow. I just wanted to shout an "I agree!".

Rhian Caroline


is it maybe the depiction of women as crazy people who turn into murderous, brutal monsters who kill as revenge? lol.

i didnt want to go near that issue, because that brings in thoughts about abusive relationships, what is acceptable what isnt, why should men just be the aggressive ones, etcetc. TOO MUCH!


but no, i could have gone on and on and on. i think there is a cleverness in the typical american diner being used as the place for this murder spree, the ingredients that are used are iconic american products, and then gaga and beyonce have a little dance wearing high americana costumes. but maybe i think its clever because im british ;)


in general, i think gaga missed the mark.



I have nothing to add because honestly, you said it all perfectly. I can't tell you how much I agree with everything you've just said. I watched the video a few days ago, and only once, but yes, yes and YES! Thanks for sharing!

stacey fike

i don't know how you sat through it 5 times in a row.
but i am tempted to make the song my ring tone....... to cliche? maybe.

Rhian Caroline

so cliche, fike.

but if you craft yourself one of her headwear things, at least then you claim its avant garde.


You have canny timing with your blog posts Rhi. I actually saw this video for the first time after stumbling across it on the telly yesterday.

I had been trying to avoid anything Lady GaGa because I think she has a crap singing voice, and really, if you take away the video/visual component of interest in what she does, and just listen to the music, it is nothing special.

In general so far Lady GaGa has struck me as a sensationalistic attention seeking blip in the radar who the rip-off amalgamation of at least 4 other artists who I believe to be more talented than her (madonna, marilyn manson, deborah harry, siouxsie sioux), with a bit of gwen stefani and dita von teese and even missy elliot chucked in for good measure.

However, I was interested when I did see the vid for that telephone song.

Besides the fact that the song itself is nothing special, what I came away with after watching the video was that it was a hyped up mish mash tweak on the thelma and louise trick (I was actually waiting for a brad pitt-esque cameo and for the car to go off the cliff). Sure they have a few interesting themes thrown but to me I don't see anything deeper than they totally designed to create hype. Because of the fact that you then then get the normal pop semi naked MTV style dance sequences and product hawking (just like you mentioned above). Which is why I think there is such a contradictory confusion about the whole thing.

But then that is what I think Gaga likes to portray herself as - a contradictory confusion.

To answer your question, you totally are clever enough - it is just the video that screws with your thinking.


After reading your review and watching the video I see more typical American portrayal of women as:
- the sex object (for both genders),
- have to backstab other woman to get what they want & show power (jail fight, name calling)
- can't stick up for themselves or their boundaries with men (the bitterness towards the man)
- only logical solution to end the bad situation is murder

In my opinion the video tries to say the revenge murder is a heroic & justifiable act by putting the girls in Wonder Woman costumes. In a subtle way it could be trying to make a social commentary on how we put horrible food in our bodies that kill us but that may be giving it too much credit.

You're right Lady Gaga could be trying to say something but it gets lost in the continued use of slanderous stereotypes.

My advice, block the phone number of the guy and move on.

Rhian Caroline


Its interesting you should mention her singing voice. take a look at this, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2FUK74GXsE

vintage gaga, circa 2005. girl can bring it ;)


Rhian Caroline

I have to agree with a lot of what you have said, violet.

its frustrating when self proclaimed feminists like gaga, fall into the trap of stereotypes.

of course, i dont think its just the women that get a raw deal here. the black, cheater of a boyfriend, doesnt do anything for his existing stereotype.


i couldnt comment on the controlling relationship aspect of this video. i feel there is always a lot more to abusive relationships than it just being the womans responsibility to get out.

but for the purposes of a mainstrea music video, it would be nice to see something different.


Nice linkage ms.r, thanks for taking the time to do so! She's got chops for sure, I wouldn't have credited it. Actually, I never would have bothered to look further for stuff featuring her because her current style of music basically shits the living daylights out of me - I don't want to hear it. But most current offerings from the the dance/pop/'designed to be played on MTV' genre irritate me, so it is more to do with that I spose.
That said, I still think the Telephone video is more aimed at shock value/hype and money making marketing of her & beyonce than giving deeper insight of her feminist viewpoint. But it would be interesting though to find out what the thinking of Beyonce and Gaga was with staging the whole video.


Ok, answered some of the question about what she thought of it - this is an interview she did about it last week:

Rhian Caroline

oh nice find, lee!

that is interesting listening.

i still feel that she is trying to be groundbreaking within a system she is fully wrapped up in, which is near on impossible to do.


im pretty sure that was carson asking gaga out on a date at the end too. amusing.

Megan Gray

Gave u a blog award!! :)


Yeah - I was surprised at some of the stuff she explained in the inteview. So there you go, first impressions can be changed *hehheh*!


"The ultimate YYY Lady Gaga bestseller "The Phoenix Stardom Of Snowwhite Lady Gaga Or My Secret Vault Relationship With Her" impresses, intrigues, freaks out."

"Czechwizard bewitched by Lady Gaga - where black magic meets snowwhite firewoman to be delved into !"

"The Priest 666 looked down upon by his longtime diehard fans after he publically announces his "head over heels in love with Lady Gaga", having song-video scripted her new concept album entitled "VOODOO" to take the smashing artist to the next level."

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