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March 01, 2010


Jessica DeAngelis

you are so awesome! i love the way your voice sounds! ( i mean this in a totally non creepy rude way and i hope it does not offend you) but like i said its so freaking awesome!!! you seem like a really cool person. i love your blog and your tumblr!

Rhian Caroline

im sure there are plenty who would disagree, but thank you :)

greta adams

i love you!! you have me in tears....especially about lady gaga...now you have made that song stick in my head...sick i tell ya... that is bad romance by the way that i know that.

PUHLEEZE make more vlogs because you entertain me while i am being an office slave at work

miss u

greta adams

that is bad romance by the way that i know that.

umm that was suppose to read that is sad i know that but don't know what happened to the rest...LOL

Mandie Segura

You are freakin' hilarious! :) LOVED this!

heather fuentes

i am jealous that you and morgan had this horrible experience together and all morgan and i do together is play words with friends on the iphone and all you and i do together is randomly comment around the internets. i wish i could come visit you. alas, husband and kid and school and life and blah blah blah. one day, i s'pose. miss you and thank you for vlogging! it makes me miss you less. but only a tiny bit less. <3 freaking gaga.


brills. 'nough said.

<3 ya.

Rhian Caroline

for you, i will do my best.

i just need stuff to vlog about first!



Neil gets so insane over the gaga.
What really gets to him is how he knows the words to all her songs and he has no idea how that happened. He claims her songs pervade his brain without his permission.

Love the whatevers. especially the one at the beginning. and the accompanying hand motion.

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