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August 03, 2010



Hi Caroline !

I discovered your blog via flickr and I love your inspiration, your art, drawing and photographies. I put your adress blog on my blog, should I ?

Sorry for my english.

kim smith

I am with you on this, on so many levels.

if you need to escape and don't want to do any housekeeping, you can come and play in my forest for a little while. i will have a dishwasher soon so we won't have to worry. [:

those invites look uhmazeing.
can you design mine? oh, wait. i don't have a boyfriend. maybe one day?

kim smith

and really, i know you have a REAL forest in your backgarden, but still. offer stands. [:

heather fuentes

you were right - those bunting invites came out amazingly. also, here's hoping your body will be on your side come teaching time! then you can come tame our unruly students in the US! xoxo.


i am proud of you.
and these invites are amazing!
know im around if you get stressed next month and need someone to vent to.
luv ya!!

sara berry

Oh my good god. Bunting for each individual invite? You are unreal...I want to see more photos!
As for teaching, I hope it is fun and rewarding and not at all harmful ;). I bet, at the very least, it will be good material for your journals and zines.
happy end of summer

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