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August 16, 2010



I'm sorry to hear the travel was so difficult. :o(

"And give God, where ever he/she may be, a break from all the ridiculous and pointless 'help me' notes."

Your notes are not pointless or ridiculous. You deserve all the good and healing and help that anyone else does. Your suffering is no less valid and worthy of God's attention anyone else's.

Comparing your plight to others may in the short term grant you a little perspective from which to stand, but it can also devalue the place you are coming from.

Your path in this life hasn't been easy- you've dealt with death and illness more than many people. You have the right to complain, whine, be angry and ask for healing and help and support.



i hate this as much as i like this.
you know it's a lot.


I am terrified when I travel anywhere when it comes to food. Just plain disgusted about it.
I plan a whole weekends worth of meals to take "just in case". While everyone else indulges in well, everything and talks about how amazing it is and the foodie inside me dies.

I can only imagine if I ever get to travel to a foreign place, having to learn the words for "gluten free" "dairy free" blah blah blah. Spending fifteen minutes trying to order. So fun.

And even with people in Pakistan suffering, etc. I wish the weekend would have been a little easier on you!

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