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September 06, 2010



I saw this when you posted it on facebook and stared at it for, well, pretty much forever. and then left it up in my browser so I could stare at it some more.




i really like ur journal pgs. i want 2 know if ur using a quill & is it india ink or sumi? i posted tx wildflower pix n spring 2. do u live n tx like me?


rhian. i feel incredibly blessed to have stumbled onto your blog. like i found a soulmate somehow through the powers of the this thing called the internet, which i will never fully understand. sometimes, most of the time, with my journal, my prayers, my life, i feel like a neurotic mess. a blissfully happy mess, but a mess nonetheless. you have encouraged me. thank you.
...i linked to your blog from my page. i hope you don't mind. if you do, let me know. or if not you can let me know anyway. i would love to hear from you. i hope your day is fabulous, regardless.

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