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June 10, 2008



Have fun ! I so want to go...pfff

kristina K

and by favorite girls, i hope you mean me. ;)
have fun. get in lots of trouble. and remember to save some of your fabulousness for when we meet. :)


so wish i could have gone to see you!
next year for me hopefully!!!
you will have a blast!
i will send your post to you soon and maybe it will be waiting for you!
give amber a big hug from me!!!!
jelly tots must be really good.
will miss you loveliness while you are gone!

Lily (KhrisW)

Thanks for commenting on my blog-super cool of you. I appreciate you so much!!! You're wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! Go Rhi!!!

Love the color on the toes, pretty! I'd like to think that KISS started that whole thing, then sometimes I think it was Trent Reznor... Well, if KISS did it first... Maybe it was the New York Dolls (I know nothing about their music though)? Ahh, anyway, I love it!

Nars navy blue is super hot and if I can remember the color or I'll look it up, I'd send you a bottle. I like Nars Schiap, personally-it's the prettiest shade of hot pink I've ever seen. I think you're cool, changing the hair color, love that!!! Super fly. Ha, hot white heat. Ask Heather about that one.

Lily (KhrisW)


Nars is the shiz. LOL. I like your black though, that's a step ahead of 'midnight express'. I've been waiting for 'arabesque' and 'saratoga' to come back in stock.
Just thought I'd show you.... Thought you'd appreciate it.

I'll be online for Sisversary. Lucky!!! Have fun! I know you will, though!!!

greta adams

{deep sigh} such a sad sad day....
hope you have lots of fun and take plenty of pics... I WILL NOT MISS SISAVERSARY 09...


have fun pretty rhi!
sadly, i am thinking jelly tots have gluten in them, so when i come visit in the fall we will have to come up with another snack!
hey - i love you like gluten free fruit crisp (actually quite amazingly tastey!)

have some good times, okay?


Oooowwweeee! Can't wait to meet you this weekend!



I want to cry. BUT, you're toes are painted black. And for me. It's the simple things in life that make me happy.

Maybe tomorrow I'll run around with underwear on my head and talk British.

Have lots of fun! And do crazy, illegal things.



Have a wonderful time! x


have loads of fun and loads of pics is a must!


may your time there be filled with lots of forever lasting memories. may your time be one of a kind. a one time life experience hoping you will have lots more!

love you my dear xxxx


have a wonderful trip!! maybe i'll see you on the flip side.


have fun with your gals!


You have fun gorgeous!

amy tangerine

how i miss my rhi rhi already!!!
safe travels home darling. xoxo

amy tangerine

how i miss my rhi rhi already!!!
safe travels home darling. xoxo

amy tangerine

how i miss my rhi rhi already!!!
safe travels home darling. xoxo

amy tangerine

how i miss my rhi rhi already!!!
safe travels home darling. xoxo


i'm so sad there wasn't more time. you take the air out of a room, do you know that? it's true. you are amazing.

kristina K

um, i'm waiting on a new blog post with all the details of your wonderful trip.......
today would be nice. ;)
p.s. where do i turn in my application to join team fab?? i asked amber but never got a response. :):)


rhi rhi :)
i forgot to add this new blog to my bloglines! no wonder i've been missing posts. but now i'm updated :):)

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