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July 25, 2008





It's all too familiar to me as well. I'm praying too.

stacey fike

you are amazing.

Deanna Thompson

the tears are back again.
and I like the way you pray.

kim whitten

That is amazing - you are amazing!
Kim has so many
prayers - in every
way shape & form.
Everything WILL be alright.


DANG IT between you and Kimmie and these vids, Ima be all cried out dang it..this is so aww..love you Rhi .. you da best..now I gotta update my blogroll with your new addy..


your art is beautiful and your soul shows through it.


Hey Ms Rhi! I read your blog. But I'm not usually a commenter. Today I just wanted to tell you that the Bible says that God knows the number of hairs on our head. He cares about EVERY detail, especially if it matters to us. I saw Him in a new way today by reading someone else's blog and thoughts about Him. Please go and read this one post - http://audreycaroline.blogspot.com/2008/07/blink.html
Promise you'll read it? It's very special and it's about pictures and life and I think you will appreciate it. She not preachy or anything, she just shares her life and the trials and the good times and it's WAY inspirational. Please let me know that you read it - K? {{BIG HUGS TO YOU!}}

Charin Reed

This video was so sad and beautiful!!! It's wonderful that Kim has so many friends that truly care about her. :)

kristina K

you are the sweetest.......
i know that kim needs all the love and support she can get right now. :)
i am amazed at how the right people come into our lives when we need them to. i am so grateful for you, your voice, and how you express yourself. as i struggle within myself and in my own life, you somehow manage to crawl inside my head, and make an entire video of how i am feeling......you are the best. xxxx


I'm glad that Kim has you for a friend. That was a beautiful video.

Jennifer Smith

I couldn't help but tear up during this. It is so amazing and you are such a dear friend to do this for her!

Chris Dodaj

Rhi, that was such a moving video, it made me cry! You are really a wonderful friend. I'm sending up prayers for Kim.

greta adams

i understand what you are bloggin about completely...we have had this conversation!! {{{hugs}}}

Peg Graham

Amazing! love how you pray Rhi.



I'm taking some time to read blogs today - soooo glad I came across yours. This video is just beautiful - like your heart...

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