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January 04, 2010


Account Deleted

This exhilarates me. Especially, 15 & 33.

Because that's how I roll.

You should also add "be emo with Kara". I'm sure you could manage this if you're in New York and I end up on the East Coast. And I don't, Seattle is a great place to visit, no?


awesome list...I'm going to London in 2 weeks. Any suggestions next to the Design Museum?
My husband loves the word doucebag, what a cwink-a-dink...
And i just joined a Pilates class, I love it!!


Sounds fab! Have you seen my 101 in 1001?
P.S I have a new email which I hope may work better than my old one and my emails will get to you. Feels like forever since we caught up. xxx


damn. i missed your call today. i was probably to busy feeling sorry for myself to hear the phone ring.
that being said.
we can take care of 37, 44, 43, 7, 12, 27, 28, and 30 all while doing 17.


The cover is fantastic!

Sasha "sweet thang" Holloway

Can we go strawberry picking .. I need to do my 52 things too .. ACK.

kim smith

33 is my favourite. obviously.


I like this book a lot. I've bought a watercolor paper moleskine, and was planning to do the same this year.... resolutions...!


Great list. If you come to NY be sure to visit Coney Island. They have a great old photo booth and of course Coney Island is historical and there are a lot of great photos to take there in Manual setting:)


i love your 52 tings, i must get to the design museum this year!

tiny twig

#28...football is such a GREAT game. if you really learn it, you will LOVE it! :)

annnnnd, i'm doing a similar project as you...who knew?! :) only, i don't have a list made public, i announce it each week. surprise!


This is a very cool list... how's it going?

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